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Snow Day 2018

snow day

We are having another round of winter weather in Alabama. We had an early December snow event and I honestly thought winter was going to be short-lived after that. I But, the weather man has spoken.

 2018-01-15 16.41.21

When James Spann makes a comparison to the 2014 event that brought this area to a stand-still, people took notice. Fancy words and maps about ice accretion and cold layers all mean one thing: SNOW DAY!! I anxiously watched the school closings map fill up around our county. A teacher friend on Facebook came up with this GENIUS idea to keep us all updated on the closings.

2018-01-15 16.43.23

Finally, the county calls came through.  We had Tuesday off and since the cold was not going anywhere and roads were not going to improve, we had Wednesday off, too. The governor declared a state of emergency so we will not have to make those days up.

2018-01-15 22.19.41

Since it was extremely cold with wind chills in the single digits, I spent a lot of time by the fire and topping off the coffee and hot chocolate. Netflix Glee marathon made for a fun afternoon stuck inside. The first season is the best one, IMO.

gleeI may or may not have been utilizing a forgotten Snuggie that I had packed up in storage during the RV years. That thing really works when the house is cold but I need my hands to read or type. I would love to say that age brings freedom to be ridiculous, but I’ve always walked to my own beat and people just think I’m weird. public-news-tmp-108565-snuggie-box--default--208

As much as  I enjoyed yesterday and today, I look forward to getting outdoors and running somewhere other than my treadmill. Bring on spring!

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