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When it comes to snacking, there is a world of difference between them. Whether it’s the mid afternoon 3pm slump or the very necessary pre-workout fuel, what we grab and eat is just as important as the 3 squares a day. For me, as a diabetic, I can’t visit the vending machine for a Snickers and a coke. I have to have a balance of protein and quick carbs,  but have to time it right or my blood sugar will FREAK. Some examples are various combinations of

  • fruit and nuts
  • fruit/cheese
  • nut butters/fruit/veggies
  • hummus/veggies/crackers
  • yogurt/fruit
  • yogurt/nuts

and the list goes on and on. I’ll have more about this later. Today, I was craving a tart pear and some cheese.


Pear and cheese.


RR-3 miles

Fasting B.S-120. Sigh

Kool-aid and the dishwasher. No way!
Uncle Joe's Tot Locker


Wednesday 1st of September 2010

Thanks for the good reminders. I'm sending these on to my son who is in college and was recently diagnosed with pre diabetic tendencies. How do you handle carbs? I understand eating whole grains with fat or protein helps slow the sugar rush. I'll read more entries on your blog and even suggest it to him.