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Sick days

hot toddy

It’s been a rough few weeks with back-to-back sinus infections and strep throat. It seems as soon as I recover from one, I’m back to the doctor for something else. The big difference this year is Stephen is matching me step for step. He is NEVER sick. He had the flu about 4 or 5 years ago and that’s it. No allergies. No sinus infections. Nothing.

This year, he got sick early and I think because we are living in such close quarters in the RV, we keep passing our germs back and forth. Neither one of us is sleeping well. One of us tries to sleep on the “couch” which is a slightly longer loveseat and uncomfortable. The other is sleeping in germy sheets because washing them twice a week is not enough. Frankie stays away from both of us.


So I took 2 sick days. The last dr. appt found strep throat and bronchitis. I took 4 days to sleep it off, stay inside, stay warm, diffuse my oils, drink all the water and hot tea I can take, read all the forgotten magazines, and watch Christmas movies. (We all know watching Christmas movies is a definite cure for illness).

sick days

Soon, I hope to get some cheer back in my step and enjoy these next couple of weeks of school before Christmas. Until then, ACHOO!