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Saturday in the South

Big big huge gigantic game is about to be played on the plains of Athens, GA.

Alabama hasn’t been that impressive lately. The sports talk is all about the dynasty being over. Alabama is done. Saban is done and going to leave Tuscaloosa. The list goes on. We won the last 2 times we met GA in the SEC tourney so when a regular-season game was announced over two years ago, all we heard was GA had this game “circled on the calendar” for over 2 years. They are ready, impressive, and honestly frightening.

Before the game, I made a trip to the river market to grab some veggies, beef, eggs, and hot tea. It’s a perfect fall day for me. It’s drizzly, cloudy, and COOL! I don’t care if the sun is hiding, I’m just glad for cooler weather. It’s perfect soup and hot tea weather.

The early morning rowers were busy.

Photo Oct 03, 7 34 56 AM

Tea Town Tuscaloosa is one year old!

Photo Oct 03, 7 43 30 AM

The hot chai with pumpkin syrup was divine.

Photo Oct 03, 7 43 39 AM

After the morning errands, it was time to settle in for a long game with lots of pacing, I’m assuming. These big games make it hard to sit and lavish in fall glory. Usually, Frankie hides under the bed as soon as he hears the announcers’ voices. Especially, those voices from Gary and Verne.


Happy Saturday and roll tide..