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Running into Spring

2018-03-22 07.18.35

On on hand, this has crawled by with turtle paces. It’s been busy, that’s for sure. Then again, here I am staring at Friday again and I’m not sure if I need sleep or coffee or a hug.

We are in that special time of year. Kinda Spring. Kinda Winter. The calendar reads Spring. We all know in a few short weeks, Alabama will be sweltering for weeks on end. However, this late March is full of frost warnings, bring-in-your-pets-plants, and multiple layers that are shed throughout the day. SpringTer. Running on frosty ground with a blazing sun is actually not a bad way to spend a morning.

Check out my new rabbit hole. Book of the Month. I get to pick the book each month and I can add books if I see more than one. I can skip a month if nothing looks good. But with my wide and varied preferences, I have no problems finding a good book to read. This is my second and last book subscription service. I have noticed the Instagram posts over the past few months and most books are ones that I ordered later and loved based on BOTM reviews. Why not join and get them early? 2018-03-22 20.24.22

book of the month

Since I joined mid-March, I was a couple of weeks late getting these. The Broken Girls has intrigued me from the ARC reviews so I jumped on that one. And Other People’s Houses sounds like a good nosy neighbor mystery. I like to balance my drama and mystery with fluffy easy reads. I’ll have reviews on the book blog in a few days.

chicken salad chick

You know you are appreciated when your friends at work go extra miles to make sure my food doesn’t have cookies or crackers. I love Chicken Salad Chick because most of their salads are gluten-free. They always add a cookie and crackers unless I ask them to leave it off. Most of the time, they are individually wrapped so it’s not completely contaminated. But opening a “clean” box with no crumbs on a wild WILD Thursday was like finding gold.

2018-03-23 00.07.11-3My picture assignment today was “last thing I bought”. This leather Traveler’s Notebook is my latest purchase. I love the feel of buttery leather and this one smells like my bag that’s 3 years old and still has that leather smell. Inside this is the Five Minute Journal. It’s a combo gratitude, to-do, and daily review journal. I almost bought this for the new year, but held off. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for productivity and focus. The Five Minute JournalHappy almost Friday!

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