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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 2018

2018-06-04 06.53.33We started off the morning by making a plan to find pillows.


We did something we have NEVER done in all our years of traveling (and we travel a LOT). We both left our pillows with bright blue pillowcases on the hotel bed in Denver. Last night, we rolled towels, took an Ambien each, and hoped for the best.

2018-06-04 07.31.17After campfire coffee, Stephen figured out a never-before-seen route to Fort Collins and around the Cache La Pudre highway and back to the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. We could see new scenery and stop at Walmart for pillows. Excellent plan, man.

2018-06-04 17.22.53

We found snow up high.

2018-06-04 12.23.56

Beautiful lakes on some forest roads. Forest roads can be great or they can be so washboard graded that they are no fun to drive and the scenery doesn’t matter if one is OVER IT. Or so I’m told…

2018-06-04 15.36.42

We ate lunch at Granby, which is right before the Western entrance to RMNP. This is the best burger I had on the entire trip. Half pounders with mushrooms and cheese on gluten-free buns and fries. The Maverick Grill in Granby is the place for big burgers.

 2018-06-04 17.26.27The Western side had some wildlife jackpot!


This is a momma moose. Very territorial. Very dangerous if threatened. Fortunately, she seemed pretty chill. This is a very close shot with little zoom. I’m standing on an access road with a few other people and she came so close, I could have kissed her nose.


And it’s a good thing I was smart and stayed behind the camera. THIS is momma moose and a newly dropped calf. This baby is so new, it’s not up on its legs yet. Once I saw this, I got my picture and eased far away. The only human deaths in RMNP at this point are from moose. I’m not going to be the next statistic.


As if that was not exciting enough, check out these bighorn sheep (rams). It’s been Nine YEARS since I last saw any bighorn.  I got so very lucky to capture a field of bighorn sheep in Colorado springs on our first trip out here. I have been to RMNP several times since then and have never seen bighorn. Here are two, posing for me.


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