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Rock’n’Roll Savannah Expo 2018

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If you are ever near Savannah, GA in early November, run this race. In all my years of running and racing, this one is in my top 3 favorite. This is my second year to run the streets of Savannah and I’m already looking forward to 2020 when we plan to come back.

Let’s start with the Expo. Rock’n’Roll expos are legendary. They beat the pants off many other big-name sponsored races.

The medals display is a huge hit. We can see medals for the races, the Heavy Medals (based on number of R’n’R races), the regional series, and upcoming medals. Next year, I’m aiming for 5 races.

 2018-11-02 13.02.18There are various fitness equipment models to try on-site. These are very popular. There is a no-judgement atmosphere at Rock’n’Roll expos. Nobody cares what your time might be the next day. The party-like atmosphere that highlights these races is happening at the expo the day before.

2018-11-02 13.06.50Toyota is a sponsor of Rock’n’Roll and they usually have a car or two to check out. And, they love to demonstrate the sound system in these vehicles. Let’s just say I may have immediately downloaded a couple of songs from this car during my hour at the expo. I was slightly horrified to learn that I didn’t already have them on my playlists. Deepest apologies to Flo Rida.

2018-11-02 13.07.23The St. Jude booth is another favorite. You can sign up to be a Hero for future races.

2018-11-02 13.07.33Regional vendors are the best! Along with regional booths, there are usually shoes, gear, hydration items for sale. With tens of thousands of runners, there’s a great chance that many of us wound up in Savannah without an item crucial to our race day rituals. I snagged a new Nathan hyrdoflask because my trusty Green Gobbler is leaking. Since I keep my phone in my Nathan case, this is not good. The new one is fantastic.

2018-11-02 13.05.53Last, there is a showcase of upcoming races. NOla is part of my southern tour so I’m making plans now for next year. And Vegas….that one is a bucket list. I’m planning to be in Vegas in May for another conference so Rock’n’Roll Strip at Night in Vegas in November is definitely possible. I’ve never been so 2019 might be a double Vegas year for me.

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If you decide to sign up for a Rock’n’Roll races, don’t forget to use the code RNRRNB2018 for $15 off your registration.

Next up, Race recap!