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Rock ‘n’ Blog 2015

Photo Dec 19, 6 49 08 PM

A few weeks ago, I submitted an application to be considered for the 2015 Team of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Race series called Rock ‘n’ Blog. I ran my first Rock ‘n’ Roll race in Nashville a couple of years ago and I loved the whole experience from Expo to finish line. What I loved most was the race support system that seems to be growing each year. When I saw the applications were opened up for next year, I took a chance. I really didn’t think I would be chosen but I was extremely hopeful. Here is a brief description on the program.


Today was the day to either get a welcome or try again next year email. Due to the numbers of people who applied, I was prepared for the disappointment. There were a few glitches with the website so they were holding off on the batch emails until it was fixed. Twitter was blowing up with people reporting various views on the website. I kept checking it, prepared for disappointment.

But I was very surprised. First, I saw a long list of people and found my face. I couldn’t believe it. I hit refresh a few times, sure it was a mistake.

2014-12-19 14.28.54

And then, the email confirmation came in.

Photo Dec 19, 6 49 08 PM

I’m so beyond excited about this. My running suffered greatly from August 13 until around the first of November when I had to bail on a race because of a lot of things that resulted from our sad August. I’ve been slowly building miles back in and this is like a fresh new start for 2015. I’m so ready to pick out my races, make the travel plans, and work my tail off getting back into racing shape. And now I have a team of around 100 people to work with. Bring on the fun in 2015!