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Read Across America Week

It’s a hectic week. I’m recovering from the race and trying to get quality sleep. With Read Across America, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and Adopt-a-School appreciation lunch, we are all pulling our hair out. Spring fever is taking over for all of us.

Yesterday, a nice parent brought us a plate of these, along with a very complimentary note about our school faculty. Things like this help balance out the chaos of wild 5 year olds Smile

2016-03-03 10.38.13-1

Today was Pajama AND Crazy Hair day. I participated fully. The amount of Hair Freeze (the closes thing to Aqua Net) needed for this ‘do is hilarious. But wearing pajamas to my job is certainly a perk. And of course, I ran into wal-mart just like this. Sock Monkey house shoes included.

2016-03-04 07.31.23-2

Happy Friday!