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Pre-race routines

Races make me nervous. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5K or full marathon. I just get antsy and nervous the night before. I don’t usually sleep well because I’m afraid of oversleeping and either being late or missing the race altogether. I don’t really know WHY I’m nervous. I’m not a speedy runner and I rarely worry about time. Since most of my races are trail races, the goal is to finish without injury and that’s a big feat. The only way to really PR in a trail race is to compare the same races and that is coming up in May with Twisted Ankle. So I’m not nervous about time. I think in the back of my head I’m worried about something happening and I do not finish. Whether it’s a sugar/glucose issue or a sudden return of crippling IT band issues, I’m always fully aware of how I’m feeling when I’m running in a race.

The night before a race, 99% of the time, I get everything prepared and ready to go. (That goes back to being afraid I will oversleep). I make sure every gadget is charging. Every piece of clothing laid out. Every sock ready.

My first test of my long run shoe, Saucony Fastwitch. The longest they’ve gone is 10 miles. And I’m testing a new sock from Swiftwick!

Photo Apr 05, 9 56 09 PM (1)

Ipod Nano charged and ready.

Photo Apr 05, 9 55 11 PM (1)

I’m not sure which shirt I’m wearing. This is my shirt from a horrendous DNF in a Pelham half marathon in 2010. The swag bag from Biggest Loser had a short sleeve tech shirt that I might wear instead.

Photo Apr 05, 9 58 40 PM (1)

Garmin. Some races I leave it at home but I need the time and pacing for this race.


Some pre-race words of encouragement. This is from a blank journal made by The Universe Knows. This a really interesting and unique company who makes products with inspirational quotes and sayings.



After a great pre-race meal of salmon, sweet potatoes, and green beans (Thanks, Mom!!), and some laughs with my sister and Monkey, I think I’m ready. Everything is laid out, now all I need is some good sleep!