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Ordinary days. Nothing earth shattering or news worthy. Nothing happened that required me to run to a friend because I just couldn’t keep it to myself. The kids at school were the same. Laughing, playing, just being 5 years old. No rumors of snow to turn me into an excited kid. Nothing new in the teacher’s lounge. And on the families, no news is good news so today was good.

But I’m amazed at the little things that flickered in and out of the day.

A fabulous workout even in 21* weather

A note from my principal…”plan for an extra hour of prep time today, just to show my appreciation to a great staff”.

A trip to wal-mart that did not cause any stress or “cart rage”

Brand new click-top sharpies

A warm kitty and an hour nap after school



(The kid loves argyle. I taught him that one :D)

Wreath wrangling (Project 365.Year 2. Day 40)


And a simple dinner of soup and potatoes. Both of these dishes are from way back when I was in high school cooking for my family.


So today was nothing special to most people. But to me it was worth writing down.

~What are some little things that make the day so much better?~