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Only Wednesday!

And with food this good, it’s going to be a great rest of the week!

I’m eating a LOT of “breakfast for dinner” meals because eggs are so versatile and I like them better at night anyway. I also love them on a lazy sleeping-in type of morning. But bright and early while struggling to get out of the door….not so much.


This is a frittata with mushrooms, onions, diced chilies, and leftover sirloin steak, very thinly sliced. I used real butter to coat my pan. Then I sauteed the vegetables. I added the steak just for a few seconds to warm up. I poured the eggs on top and let it cook through.

Photo Apr 03, 5 53 38 AM

The week is going pretty good. Today was another day of giving state tests to kindergartners. It’s quite interesting giving a test to a 4 year old that takes about an hour to give. Their attention span is obliterated after about 15 minutes. But, we all did the best we could with this new pilot program. All I know is I’m grumpy and stress eating junk that I know I shouldn’t be eating.

I did get in a great run this afternoon. After yesterday’s long run, today was just a fun easy run to work out my legs a little. And relieve some school stress!

Counting down the days until the race….3 more to go!

Same schedule, different day
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