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Moving on to Breckenridge: Colorado 2015

Great news. No rain last night! That means I slept great and woke up ready to go. We took down camp, piled it all in the truck, Jenga-style, and made our way out of Rocky Mountain National Park down to I-70 to Breckenridge.

2015-06-13 09.30.10

Good by Estes Park.

2015-06-13 09.50.55

Long drive ahead. This is Trail Ridge Road, which is steep and snowy.



A stop at the top of the park at the Alpine Center. It was coffee break time. And souvenir time. And 100th Anniversary mug, shirt, and blanket time. We have been to RMNP many times and never walked away with so much as a shot glass. I loaded up this year since it was the 100th year.

rmnp alpine center

At the West Entrance, the wildflowers were blooming. So pretty!


2015-06-13 12.13.14

Hoover Tunnel

2015-06-13 14.19.44

Lake Granby

2015-06-13 12.39.45-1

We were exhausted and in desperate need of showers when we got to the condo. After a few days of camping, we live in luxury in a condo for a few days before we travel to a new camp spot. Showers, food and a nap ended our Saturday.

Sunday, we went to the local church and then to the Log Cabin Café for lunch in Frisco, CO. Frisco is a treasured place for me since that is where I ran my first Colorado race in 2009. Frisco is a beautiful valley town at the base of Copper Mountain.


We finished Sunday with a LOT of Laundry and planning the next two days of hiking and fun in Breckenridge. Time is flying way too fast Sad smile

The joys of camping…in the rain: Colorado
Breckenridge Colorado 2015