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Morning miles

Now that I live closer to the local park, I am trying to work in my morning running. I was  little worried that I might be alone out here at daylight, but I was one of about 8 people taking trips around the track. There is a quiet solitude about running at dark. I actually like it more than I thought. It brought back some happy memories of my first years of running Smile

2016-08-22 05.45.25

2016-08-22 06.04.42

2016-08-22 06.05.10

After my shower, I needed my coffee fix. This is the second full week of kindergarten and I’m definitely feeling better without all the sugar that I depended on my previous years of teaching. But if I don’t have coffee….

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2016-08-22 07.06.28

This afternoon, I finally checked out my CSA share from Snow’s Bend. During these few weeks of hot summer, the shares are a little smaller because only kids and kudzu love this heat. Vegetables are not a big fan. I’m ready for the abundant fall crops to harvest! For this share, I’ll make the okra for Stephen. I’m making eggplant lasagna, an arugula sauce to go with something roasted, the peppers are for stir fry, and the cucumber is for my face and for dipping into some herb dip mixes we bought in Colorado. I may make a yogurt tzatziki sauce with some leftover cucumbers.

2016-08-22 19.46.50-2

Happy Monday everyone. May it be kind to all. Open-mouthed smile

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