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More Paleo F(X) 2014


I made plans to be back downtown bright and early so I could hear Sarah Fragoso, author of Everyday Paleo. I was not as familiar with her as I was with other authors but I had heard many people say she was a great speaker.

And they were NOT exaggerating. After her session, I wanted to grab Stephen and hurry home to plant our garden, buy some baby chicks, a goat or two, and just have a great life growing our own food. THAT is how good she is. Her topic was “How to Undo the Paleo Diet” and it was exactly what I needed to hear. She cautioned us about sticking to rigidly to a diet mindset. Paleo is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle, a way of living, a mindset. It’s not a diet that just falls apart. Part of living a Paleo life includes more than just our food. She talked more about letting go of the rules and stop asking “Is this Paleo?”. I could go on and on about her presentation. She is so down-to-earth and approachable. She also has a podcast each week with Jason Seib and I’m now a faithful subscriber. I could listen to both of them for hours.

Photo Apr 12, 8 36 13 AM (1)

Next up was Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and author of The 21-Day Sugar Detox. She talked about how, why, and when to add non-paleo foods back to our diet. She focused on full-fat grass-fed dairy, white potatoes (there are valid reasons to add these), and some nightshades if on an autoimmune protocol. One big thing she said that I grabbed on to…too many white potatoes (or white starchy carbs) can bring about that bra fat issue. And I definitely struggle with the bra band o’ flab. I will be checking this theory out.

I went to another panel discussion about disordered eating and later heard the wonderful Amy Kubal talk about disordered eating. It was raw and emotional and really one of those times when you just had to be there.

Another few trips around the Expo floor had my bag FULL of goodies like my first kombucha. I always thought that stuff was supposed to taste like vinegar. Not this from Kosmic Kombucha. I brought home a few bottles. Photo Apr 12, 11 26 31 AM

Photo Apr 12, 2 54 57 PM (1)

A new bar approved by Whole 30. That means it’s got only good stuff and no added or hidden sugar.

Photo Apr 12, 11 50 37 AM

The neatest vendo were the people from Barefoot Provisions. They were handing out tons of samples and it was all good. I found a cookie that didn’t taste like crumbled dirt. I don’t have a need to sit down with 50 of them and a glass of milk, but they sure would be great after a hard trail race.

Photo Apr 11, 3 06 12 PM

I finally got see the Primal Pacs people. I snagged some jerky and fruit for us to try on our climbs in Colorado. The samples were really good and flavorful.


I also tried Bulletproof coffee which is coffee with butter. Don’t knock it. It was so smooth and packed a caffeine punch that would be perfect on those afternoons at 3:15 instead of grabbing a soda.

Lunch was great. I devoured every bite and took in scenes like this.

Photo Apr 11, 3 52 03 PM (1)


Photo Apr 12, 10 52 20 AM

There is so much more to say about Paleo F(X) but I’m out of time and I’ve got PLENTY to talk about over the next few weeks as the growing season gets started up and the outdoor workouts are begging for some time. I left my Paleo heart in Austin but I will return next year!

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