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Monday Musings

feb 6

I loved every minute of these miles. Some were walking. Some were stopping to see what was on the track. Some were repeating the latest song-on-repeat (The Taylor Swift/Zayn song. Yes, that one. Yes, the soundtrack to that movie.)

I’ve been fighting off a vicious sinus infection, without antibiotics, and I’m finally seeing some relief. Guess how?

2017-02-01 08.08.07

I don’t want to jinx anything. But these little bottles are actually working. I’m working on a full post detailing what is working and what I have used and how.

I will be totally honest. I have ignored people who talk about oils. It took real proof for me to even attempt to try these things. Now I’m a full-blown hippie oil user. I need a shirt for that. These things are no joke, though. Some are potent enough to burn a whole in a chrome bumper.

I wonder if there are oils to help with aging wrinkles. Asking for a friend….

Image result for getting wrinkles meme

Another reason for my kinda-creepy-happiness. That is my giant kitchen window. Before we put a single pencil to a sheet of graph paper, Stephen asked for my biggest wish in a new house.


I’m a food photographer. I need light. Real light.

Take a wild guess how hard it was to put a giant window in our kitchen. Let’s just say, there were multiple words loudly spoken with flailing hands. Based on where our land is in relation to the sunset and sunrise, we had to design the entire layout of the house around the kitchen so it could get optimal sun.

The 56 foot long front porch would block light. The garage HAS to be on the kitchen end of the house due to a night-shift worker needing the bedroom as far away from noise as possible. That left putting the kitchen on the back of the house, facing the shop, with the garage connected to the living room end. I won’t have a view, but I’ll have light.

We made it work and now my pictures can be pretty again with REAL light. I’m a little tired of editing every dang food picture so it doesn’t look like bad 70’s skin flicks.

2017-02-06 15.46.46

Funday Monday is over, and I need sleep.

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