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Marching on

I have been working in after-school tutoring for a couple of weeks now and I love it! It is a little exhausting and I spend most of my nights either sleeping or attempting to find the happy balance between healthy cooking, working out, and stress-reduction. That all sounds great but all I’ve accomplished is keeping my husband and cat alive with random freezer selections and sleeping 10 hours at night. I think starting extra hours 2 days after surgery was a little much. And I’m working through it. I’m not beating myself up for not having a clean spotless house or a fantastically styled Paleo plate of food each night to share with everyone.

This is my life right now. And I’m enjoying it. I know it won’t always be like this but I also realize I’m still dealing with a hard life lesson with losing a baby. One thing my doctor said that resonated with me “Be kind to yourself and let time do its job.” And he’s right. So, I’m just taking in the season changes, falling asleep during the 6pm news, and waking up at 5:00 ready to take on a new day.

This week brought back 2 things I love:

September and February are the release dates for my absolute favorite series. I did not get a chance to re-read the entire series before the new release, but I did read some favorites (Treachery, Innocent, Immortal, New York to Dallas, and Delusion). This is Nora Roberts’ pen name for this series and I vividly remember pulling down the first book in an old musty used bookstore (much like the one I was raised in with my grandmother) in Germantown, TN in 2002. It was fall time and I had a few dollars left from the grocery budget and I wanted a new book. The owner tried to talk me out of it saying it wasn’t anything like Roberts’ romance books. Little did she know, this series of 30+ books is the epitome of a love story between Dallas and Roark. When the series ends, which I hope is not anytime soon, it will be very difficult to ever find a series to take its’ place in my little book-lovin’ heart. The only author to come close is Kristen Ashley but that’s a whole new post 🙂

And moving right along from sweeping romance novels with a little mystery is my next favorite of this week. Motorcycles, vicious murder, SAMCRO, drug deals gone wrong, and more motorcycles. This is my guilty pleasure and my reason why I do NOT own a motorcycle even though I have always wanted one. C.H.I.P.S capture my fascination many many MANY years ago because I knew that bike could go a lot faster than it did on the show. I was maybe 6 years old. Anyway..Tuesday night was the premier of the LAST SEASON of Sons of Anarchy. 

I did not watch all of the last episode of last season because I already knew what happened (thanks, internet and social media and random strangers on the street) and I didn’t want to see it. A major character was killed off and I still do not know why. The series premier on Tuesday just made me dislike Peggy Bundy that much more even though I think her heart is always in the right place. It just proves my point. Hugs, not drugs, people. Drugs makes you do things like kill your daughter-in-law. And then frame a nice stranger in a bar.

Biggest Loser is on this week, too. I can’t get into it. I miss Jillian. I might watch it if nothing else is on and I’m still awake.

This week also brought the beginning of my allergy shots. Fun times. Got and epi-pen? yes I do. They are now REQUIRED before getting allergy shots.

2014-09-08 23.06.59 

See all the plans in my planner? I do get some stuff accomplished but only if I write them down and check the dang planner.

2014-09-09 06.06.35

The last bit of this weeks’ round up is essential oils. I’ve been reading up on the benefits, including depression and immune system, so I am going to try these out soon. My diffuser is not here yet so I’ll try them when it comes in the mail. This is the DoTerra brand.

2014-09-09 06.47.23

It’s almost another game day! Happy Friday.