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Let’s Do This

2017-06-25 11.28.43

I am back to school today. I am substituting in the summer program! I am usually out of the state for the month of June so I have not taught summer school in years. I have heard many great things about the summer program and how it is a great way to earn some extra money to use at the start of the regular school year.

I already teach in the after-school program that begins in September so I’ve wondered what makes the summer program different. Today,  I found out.

It is so much fun. It is more laid-back, not standards driven, and much more activity and exploration driven. I had a lot of fun and look forward to 2 more days of summer program.

After I got home, I made a quick lunch of smoked sausage and stir fried broccoli with leftover Boston Butt. This is one of my favorite meals and it is so quick to put together.

Painting decisions are due now. The cabinet guy will be first to get my paint choices and choosing the right grey is driving me mad. We will have white plank boards in the kitchen and the cabinets and bookcases will be very light grey. The granite is a black/blue so I wanted light cabinets.

I have these samples and some larger boards of drywall cut for me to put in the house and check the lighting. I need to pick a color and cross it off because I have 3 more rooms and a bathroom to decide.


Later, I made an early dinner.  After I made it, I sat down to watch a favorite oldie-but-back-on-TV cooking show. Food Network is hopefully getting the clue that their foundation programming was working and they need to bring it back. Foundation programming as in actual cooking shows, not just reality shows, overdoses of Pioneer Woman,  and Guy Fspaghetti shows.

Look who is back with a new show!! I love her more now than I did when quality cooking shows were the norm. Now, she’s like a drink of ice water in parched land.

Her new show is geared towards beginners (like all of us, really) and it’s called Cook Like a Pro. It’s still under the same branding page and music as Barefoot Contessa so your TV guide may view it as BC or Cook like a Pro.

barefoot contessa

This is my chicken-bacon-mushroom creation. I looked in my fridge and figured out what will work for a higher fat with very low carbs. This is my second week on the keto plan and all cravings are gone. Now I’m working on eating when hungry, not when bored.

All I did was cook my chicken thighs in butter until done. I removed them and set aside. I added bacon and mushrooms and cooked them until bacon was done. Next, I threw in some heavy whipping cream and cooked it for a minute until it was combined with bacon and mushrooms. Last, I added the chicken back in and devoured it! (I’ll do a real recipe card when I have a real picture)

bacon chicken thighs

In other news, the house is coming along. I cannot wait to get in my new kitchen with real lighting. I had to use the RV light for that picture. It is soft white (dingy yellow, let’s be real here). I heavily edited this to get rid of the yellow.

We designed the house so I could have a large double window in the kitchen/dining room and I hope I haven’t forgotten all my photography skills. I miss taking food pictures.