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Let there be steak on Whole30

Untitled-ay 6

2015-01-10 19.16.48

It’s a thing of beauty. And the highlight of my Saturday. I slept all day, waking up at times to take cold medicine and read a little. Stephen surprised me with steaks and baked potatoes. It was so good and I was hungry for beef.

This has got to get better and I know from previous times that it WILL get better. Depending on how much sugar I was eating, this withdrawal crap can last a while. This whole30 will probably be extended to 45 days. Getting past these first few days of crazy is the key. I sincerely hope that next week will be more settled and I can return to normal blogging. Right now, all my mind is thinking is GIVE ME SUGAR!!!

This is all I can do for today. Saturday. Day 6. I skipped day 5 because the suck factor was horrendous.