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Trail Approved: Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround sunglasses Premium Sports Shades are great for many miles and many trails. These are super comfortable, affordable, and polarized.

Disclaimer: I received Knockaroud Shades to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Summer 2020 is going to be one for the history books. During this time of major restrictions on travel, group gatherings, and typical summer theme/water parks, many of us are just surviving the days.

When Knockaround offered a chance to try out their shades, I wanted to try them because I am the queen of losing sunglasses. These polarized shades are not only stylish, but the protect my eyes on the brightest of days.

I have never bought the expensive ones because misplacing glasses, breaking them on trail disasters, losing them out of a boat, and other mishaps happen often.

Because I have light-colored eyes, my sunglasses usually stay on my head all-day. We are inside and outside the school building at various times and I need them for commuting. I have several pairs of dollar-store glasses stashed in the car, at school, and in my bag. I lose them, find them, buy more. Most of these are not polarized, which I really need.

Knockaround gave us some challenges for the summer. We created bucket lists of things we could do in this strange year of a restricted summer. To put it plainly, Knockaround wanted us to think outside the usual summer box because summer is not cancelled.

Those who read here often know we take a camping trip each year out west, usually Colorado. This year, we kept some of our original plans. We camped in national forest campgrounds (widely spaced sites), cooked most meals, stayed away from people, and basically spent 3 weeks with our dog in the woods.

Alabama had a huge surge in cases, so after camping I went back to keeping to myself. It was time to get creative with the summer bucket list with activities such as grilling, exploring new trails, trying new summer recipes, and many walks along the river.

I’m really glad I had this challenge because I can easily get in a routine of avoiding summer and staying inside with Netflix and air-conditioning. But summer is not cancelled. Activities are not cancelled. Running is not cancelled. Thank you, Knockaround!

My shades are part of the Premiums Sport collection. Polarized, impact-resistant (great for trail running), rubber nose pads, and great prices!

I ordered a couple more pair to keep in the car and my bag. These Mai Tais and silver Mile Highs are perfect for school and working out.

For 20% discount off your entire order, use code “BibRaveKnocks5”.

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