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Just Peachy


Something I love to make and love to eat…….peach cobbler!

And I only make it one way. Paula Deen style. Lots of butter and about half the sugar she uses, but still good.

Cook peaches in water with a little sugar.


Melt butter in pan in oven. Then pour in batter for crust. Mixture of flour, sugar, and milk. Spoon peaches on top.


Cook 350* for 40 minutes until golden and bubbly. The crust rises to the top.


Eat with ice cream while watching, editing, and posting tornado destruction pictures, watching videos, searching for places that have what we need and could use what we have a surplus of. I need to watch some comedy or Disney before I try to sleep.

I also need to spend a little extra time with Frankie. The lost and injured pets really bother me still. I think Frankie can tell. Usually in the spring, he decides it’s too hot to sleep on the end of the bed and he sticks to his bed under the living room table under the fan. But starting the night we came back and had power, he has been sleeping on the end of the bed. I’m usually wide awake when he slinks in and jumps up so I rub his face and sometimes get teary but then I go back to trying to sleep.

I think I’ll try a crossfit class in the morning. I feel like I need that outlet for my frustrations, emotions, fears, anxiety, and utter sadness. I felt good for a day or so after the race and I know pushing myself to extremes physically was what I needed. I’ll try that again tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Twisted Ankle Trail Half Marathon—Year 2
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