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In Like a Lion

What a great weekend!

This is the first full week of March and that means a big birthday is coming up for me.

With each new year added to my life, I often seem to get more introspective. I look back at the past year and look ahead at the new one beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting year.

This weekend brought us the US Olympic marathon trials. This is the year for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. I had my hopes set on Des. I watched her win Boston last year and loved watching her hang close to the top 3 in the trials, although she didn’t advance.

I thought this was an ominious development. This Coronavirus is here in the US. Tokyo seems to think they have a handle on it.

With a new month, there is a new training plan. This month, it’s just maintain 3-5 miles each weekend and 2-3 miles during the week. Basebuilding is my friend, these days.

Of course, this is assuming I can finally kick this 2 month-long sinus/bronchitis/coughing disease. It’s getting to the point of ridiculous.

Looking forward to more in March!