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I’m melting…MELTING!!!!

witch hat

Yesterday, I knew I had an early morning today because I wanted to get my long run in early. The weather…stinks. Literally. Roadkill abounds. Dead grass smells funny. And sweat smells linger like some moldy sock shoved in a damp gym bag in the back of a closet. Mix that with orangutan armpit and that’s about what the air feels and smells like around here in Ala-hot-bama.  Not that I’ve been cleaning out closets lately or sniffing monkey pits. I’m just guessing.

While I was resting up, I really wanted to finish my recipe book. I have hundreds of magazines with recipes that I want to try, but they remain stuck in the magazine and I never make them. After researching ways to organizing them in a practical way, I went with the binder/sheet protector method so I could add to it as I wanted. The fun part? Going through the hundreds of magazines. I’m not done.

 cookbook cookbook3


See what this weather does to me? Forces me to wear goofy accessories and put the camera focus on a block of wood and a candle warmer.


Thank goodness I was saved by a growling stomach or I would still be sitting there going through magazines. And looking goofy.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve cut out a lot of excess simple carbs lately and therefore, quinoa has taken a drastic leap to the front of the New Grains on the Block line. I also still like to eat light, broth based soups when it’s too hot to have a functioning digestive system. Mine needs an Easy button. This soup fits.

Quinoa soup

1. Sauté some small chopped vegetables, about 2 cups cooked.

2. Add vegetables to a big pot of simmering broth.

3. Add 1 cup of quinoa (make sure you rinse the quinoa through a sieve first to get outer layer of gunk off).

4. Simmer until quinoa is done, about 20 minutes. I like mine with a little crunch left.



Soup in hand, drowning in magazines, rocking a killer wardrobe, and taking a big breath of humid funky air. Good times.


Sunday 31st of July 2011

This hot weather has got to go. I miss being outside and not dying.