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I’m at the top of the Google Search!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happy Dancing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Due to my name being the same as a certain devastating hurricane, it was explained to me by others that my blog name might not make it to the top of “Google” search. There are way too many sites with the words “Katrina” and “Runs”, not to mention that someone else has the domain of “katrinaruns”, which is why I have the dash/hypen in my domain name. I wrestled for DAYS on my domain name. I couldn’t really get away from what the heart of my blog is about. Me running and trying to eat so I can continue running…which leads to more eating…and more running..:D


Today, I put in “katrina runs” in the google search and I’m the very top result! That more hits I got, the closer I got to the top. So, any readers I have, THANK YOU!

I heard a rumor…
RACE DAY!!!!!!