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House updates!

2017-09-19 17.29.39

We are a few weeks from closing and a LOT is happening. First, the cabinet man has worked some miracles. When he came to do the measurements, I went into great detail about the open shelves. He asked a few questions and spent some time talking with me about the reasoning behind wanting this open concept in this spot versus the rest of the kitchen. 

He totally got my vision. These shelves have a small frame around the edges. They are seriously sturdy with the brackets so they can hold my every day dishes on the left side. The right side is the coffee bar so those will hold our mugs. These look just like what I had imagined.

2017-09-21 17.43.44

After these were installed, the granite crew came in with our granite for the kitchen and both bathrooms. My kitchen is finally coming together.

2017-09-29 07.05.14

We designed this kitchen with regular gas stove/oven and a separate oven under the counter with a microwave in the top cabinet. I didn’t want a double oven but 2 separate ovens. If one oven gives up the ghost, I will still have one functioning oven while we fix the other.

2017-09-27 19.27.00

It’s hard to see here, but this is a textured granite. I originally wanted a low-shine honed look, but Stephen picked this out knowing I would love it and he was right. It’s textured so I don’t have to worry about keeping a shine on it. It’s a surface for working, not showcasing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely gorgeous. But these surfaces are going to see a LOT of use because I cook and bake a lot. I don’t need anything high maintenance and textured granite is perfect!

2017-09-27 19.22.00

All the painting is done. All my shades of grey are working together with the white. The exterior doors are barn red and this slider door is covering the stairs to the loft.

2017-09-27 19.00.00

Guest bathroom granite and cabinet. We got a crazy good deal on the granite.

2017-09-27 17.54.13

We are finally seeing an end point to this crazy adventure. Most of our light fixtures are up. We are waiting on flooring, plumbing fixtures, final trim and paint after floors, shower tile, and finishing the stone on the fireplace. We will be in place in time to start decorating for the holidays, which will make this whole experience that much sweeter.

Home Sweet Home, soon.