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Here we go Covid-19

Today, at 2:30pm, I hugged my students goodbye and told them I would see them in one week/10 sleeps.

At 5:00pm tonight, I learned that I will have to break that promise.

Our Governor gave a press-conference to announce we had our first case of Covid-19 and schools will be closed until April 6th. A 3-week spring break.

Things are moving so fast and the news is never news, it’s political persuasion, depending on which source you use.

I’m incredibly concerned and sad. We have many kids who depend on schools for meals. One week of slim food security is too much. Three weeks is devastating.

Our youngest kids do not understand what’s going on. Our older kids are now going to be babysitters because many parents are working.

It’s just a strange time to live in the world right now.