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Great day for cooking and running and p90x-ing

Run-4 miles

P90x-back and legs

B.S 134

Pre-run snack-almond butter on half a slice of wheat

Post weight-Naked Juice mango protein, half the bottle (one serving size)

Now, this is another first for me. Brisket. I’ve never tried this before. I didn’t even know what it was. I did find out that some Texans get all up in arms when you say the word “brisket”. They hear “BBQ BRISKET” which is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to the cut of meat, not the prep. I’m just throwing mine in a crock pot with some kick ass sauce so it can cook the hell out of it.

The sauce was ground corriander, cumin, chili powder thrown in with some apple cider vinegar, 2 chipotle en adobo, 1 T molasses, red onions, FRESH garlic, and some broth. I threw that on the brisket after I seared it in 1 T of canola oil.


I added a sweet tater for some fiber.


How to make a sandwich
Chipotle Quesadilla—first attempt