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The Good Things in Life

Life is BUSY! August is always a hectic month for a teacher and this year is no exception. With school starting, I feel like time just flies by at blazing speeds. If I’m not careful, life will speed right by as well. It’s so easy to get caught up in the long days and even longer nights of school work and meal planning and workouts. Taking the time to notice and appreciate the little things is very important to me. I learned that lesson this time last year when I failed to notice that I was pregnant for almost 10 weeks. In the long year that seemed to crawl by after the miscarriage, I learned that taking the time to find the positive moments is a huge factor in the healing process. Another huge help were the flowers from Stephen around the one-year mark.

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As far as an update to the baby situation, there is no update. I have a couple of more weeks until I test again and I am approaching it like the previous months. I’m prepared for a negative and I’ll deal with it for a little while and then find some wine and a good book and zone out for a bit.

In my last update post, I talked about some TTC methods and products we were using and we are still using. I do not take my morning temperature often because I was on Stephen’s night shift schedule for the summer. My days and nights were so mixed up, I couldn’t get a reliable temperature reading. Instead, I took full advantage of the Ovulation Predictor sticks. Also, I really like the Astroglide TTC Trying To Conceive. It is very easy to use and is very discreet. I don’t have to interrupt the action to use it. I like the fact that it adjusts PH levels and does not impede motility. I am trying anything I can do to create a happy environment for conception. Astroglide TTC is one of the easiest products to use.


We are not giving up, but we are not putting our life on hold, either. We recently bought some land here in Alabama and will take on the long project of selling our house and building our next (and last) home. In between house projects, we have some travel plans for the rest of the fall and I’m in full blown half-marathon training. I’m facing the dreaded fall sinus infection season soon and I’m crossing my fingers that my allergy shots will help this year. Football is here soon and we have Alabama games to look forward to attending. Life is indeed busy, and I look forward to all that is coming up. Maybe there will be a fall baby surprise, but I know there will be many things in which to be thankful and blessed.

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