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Game Day Saturday

Yes, I’m still alive. It was a rough week and I went on a blogging hiatus. But Saturday is a fun day for me with Alabama football festivities all weekend so I’m going to try to join the land of the living again.

We have tickets to tonight’s game.


First, we have a big family brunch with Mark and Mona. It started out as a small “come eat some breakfast” before the game. Mona works for a large textile company and is in charge of fancy schmoozy tailgating. Think linen napkins on the Quad. She has been doing this for years and alternately loves and despises it. This is a rare Saturday when she does not have to be at the Quad at 6am setting up so she and I sat down in July to plan football weekends. This is the family brunch weekend. I’m bringing a breakfast casserole and apple coffee cake and picking up a Robertson’s ham. These are legendary. It’s going to be a great morning!

Have a happy Saturday!

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Game Day Brunch