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Friday Favorites 9, random edition

1. I had a brief moment of absolute panic. My camera died. Or so I thought. Turns out, it was the lens. My Nifty Fifty, my portrait, and most importantly, my food photography lens died. I have no idea what happened. It is on the camera all the time because I’m shooting in fixed frame 50mm all the time for food pics. One morning it worked. That afternoon, it didn’t. What hurt my heart the most was that it wasn’t the budget 50mm f1/8. I originally paid more for the extra f-stop, ultra quiet motor, and steel frame 50mm f1/4. Honestly, I didn’t get much use out of the extra f-stop. I loved the durability of the steel body, though. Anyway, thanks to Amazon’s next day shipping for prime members, I had my oversized hands on a new Nifty Fifty


2. Picture Day at school. Just as I got the kids lined up and buttoned, hair slicked down, flies and ties done, someone pulled the fire alarm. Try herding 22 kids, 1 of whom is in a wheelchair, through the halls with 430 other kids, to the back 40. Miracle of miracles, when we get them back inside they are still holding those little ID cards we pass to them before we line them up. However, half of them will need to be retaken because they still had their shock and awe faces after the mad rush, seeing all the fire trucks, and the mad rush back inside. Some have expressions that make me wonder about the fiber consumption in their lives. And others look spooked silly.

3. I love Jamie Deen’s show. Jamie is one of the sons of Paula Deen and his show revolves around family dinner at home. I loved his on camera style, his approach to normal food, and the emphasis on making dinner a family event. Of course, Paula had a real life cowboy complete with boots and spurs on her show. She got my view this week!

4. Awkward Family Photos.  click—-> HERE. Thank me later.

5. It’s a good thing tomorrow is game day. Otherwise I would be in the loony bin by now. And yes, I know Trent Richardson is now playing for the pros.

Here. Is this one better?

Cover #1: Defensive End Damion Square with '09 & '11 Championships Rings

Gluten Free Update Week 7
Too blessed to complain


Saturday 15th of September 2012

I love the new look on the blog... Your food photos are great. I've been trying to save a little here and there to buy me a Fifty. And I LOVE Jamie's show too... Glad someone else appreciated Paula rocking that cowboy episode :) Roll tide!


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

Thanks, Courtney! The Fifty is without a doubt the magic behind getting better food pics. It is on Amazon 95$-105$ depending on the day. I hope you are enjoying this great weather! Happy first fall as a married couple. :)