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Friday Favorites 32

friday favorites

I’m resurrecting my old running list of posts that I absolutely love to write, but forget to post. The Friday favorites! These are favorite things, people, food, etc from all over.

1. Filofax Malden in purple.

This is actually my second Malden. My first one was stolen out of my car along with the best bag I’ve ever carried. I tried to use other planners/wallets but nothing works for me like my purple butter Malden. I love the card placement, the soft flexible movement of the leather, the larger rings for weekly planning pages, the leather, and have I mentioned the leather?

2017-08-01 21.05.19

2017-08-01 21.05.55

2. My newest summer Starbucks find.

Cold brew with heavy cream and sugar free mocha. I usually run far and away from artificial chemical sweeteners. This one is the exception.

2017-07-08 09.20.22

3. Crate and Barrel

It’s been a while since I bought anything from C&B. But when I saw their new farmhouse collection, I knew my new farmhouse needed these on the shelves.


2017-07-12 20.19.03

4. Death Wish Coffee

The coffee and the shirt and freaking amazing. I highly recommend both.

2017-07-25 16.27.26-1

Image result for death wish coffee meme