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hello december

December feels like the last great ride on a fantastic fall roller coaster. I’m a total sucker for all the holiday Christmas frenzy and I take many opportunities to savor every hectic detail. I have no shame in whatever I choose to do, sing, wear, cook, eat, write, or blab about Christmas. It’s my playground and I play hard.

This is where I try to wax poetic about healthy eating during the holidays and making sure I work out to balance the sugar splendor.

But this year….

Nah. All the good tips and advice can wait until January when the whole world is sick of food and needing new fat pants.

Even the Grinch is judging my decisions this December.

Lately, I’m too busy enjoying everything about December that I can. Yes, I’m still running when I want and how far I need in order to get ready for half marathon training.  I still love to cook healthy meals during the week, but the weekends are full of parties and potlucks and celebrations and football tailgating.

Meanwhile, in the teacher’s lounge at school….

We are going to make it! 4 weeks of sheer indulgence and insanity. All the things and crafts and snacks and lights and I love it all.

But ask me in January about healthy eating tips Winking smile

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