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Erin Condren Take Note-Review

Is it possible that I purchased ANOTHER Erin Condren product? Of course! Do I still use my Life Planner that I bought last summer? Absolutely! Do I still use it and organize it the way I planned? YES!

So what could I possibly need now?

A Take Note notebook. This is very similar to the Life planners but without tabs and without weekly calendars. Instead, it has a lot of lined and blank pages and 2-page monthly calendars. And for what reason do I need such a notebook?My blog, which is also my little side business.

It all started a few weeks ago when I kept running out of space in my Life Planner to put details and deadlines for blog posts, social media requirements for campaigns, and brainstorms about posts. I realized that it’s time to take my little hobby more seriously if I was going to be part of product campaigns as big as my recent Saucony opportunity. I needed a blog notebook. A business notebook. I needed a designated calendar just for my deadlines with Fitfluential and Glam/Bliss. For some reason that I can’t quite figure out, more people are reading than just my mom Winking smile  and they seem to like what they read. In just a few weeks, I had 5 different campaigns, product and paid, through both Fitfluential and Glam/Bliss. It’s time to get serious and seriously organized.

I wanted it to go with my life planner, which is designed with my blog colors. I chose the same design and just swapped the main and accent colors.

What I love most about Erin Condren is the attention to detail. Each product is hand assembled using humans instead of assembly line robots. And when I got home and saw the trademark box, I got really happy!



My Life Planner in green. My Take Note notebook in purple.



No tabs for the calendar in the Take Note. I will put those in myself.


Blank pages. I used this one for a quick write of potential blog posts using magazine titles.


Two page calendar spread. Each month has 1 line page before the next month. This is perfect for keeping a list of campaigns and deadlines. After the calendars, the rest of the notebook contains lined pages and a section of blank pages.


Two page calendar spread for each calendar. I color coded each campaign with pen ink and matching color stickers. The Take Note has pages of stickers, pre-printed and blank.



The calendars are identical to the Life Planner calendars. I love the “goals” and “to-do” sidebars.


I love these pens with an unholy obsession.


Also similar to the Life Planner are the zip pouches, aluminum coil, free matching labels, large pocket, and page divider. So many little extras that make this much more than a dollar store notebook.



I’ve had this for 1 week and I already love it and use it daily. My Life Planner is still used like an extra assistant. I still plan out my weeks’ activities, appts, workouts, school/work appts, grocery lists, etc. I now keep all my blog info and dates/deadlines in its own space in its own notebook. I have a ton of pages for writing and brainstorming which is what I was missing in the Life Planner. I’m debating on whether to start a new notebook when I start my new Life Planner in August. I detailed my reasons for an academic calendar in previous posts. But I’m thinking that for tax purposes, I need a Jan-Dec business notebook. Honestly, that is great with me because that means I’ll get to shop every 6 months for a new EC product. And when I’m buying from a Made in the USA small business as fantastic as Erin Condren, I don’t mind that one little bit!

**As stated before, this is NOT a paid endorsement from Erin Condren. These are my opinions only. I purchased this product and based my review around my opinions. 

Erin Condren Take Note Notebook

Monday 3rd of February 2014

[…] It’s a new year, which means I have a 2014 edition of the Take Note notebook by Erin Condren. This time last year, I had noticed that my Life Planner was getting way too crowded with all my blog info, specifically, the deadlines for articles and campaigns through FitFluential. I was squeezing important Twitter post reminders in between workouts, school, and regular life info. I needed a dedicated business calendar and notebook and I got my first Take Note book last year. […]

the team

Monday 8th of April 2013

thank you so much for your great review and support... thrilled you love your notebook! i pinned to our review board on Pinterest, check it out! pinterest/erincondren enjoy!

the team

Monday 8th of April 2013

thank you so much for your great review... thrilled you love your notebook! i pinned to our review board on Pinterest, check it out! pinterest/erincondren enjoy!


Tuesday 26th of March 2013

Hii there Katrina =) I also am the proud owner of a life planner, which I am OBSESSED with!! I recently just received my beautifully packaged Take Note notebook, which I am overly excite about, but I am scared to use it lol I want to divide into sections, unfortunately I've been having trouble finding the perfect dividers to fit. Which tabs have you been using?

Love your EC review & your blog! Thank you, Kerri