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2017-06-06 12.25.01

Laying low and eating some really good burgers. Every now and then, I want gooey beef and cheese burgers. I had some broccoli that needed roasting but it’s June and I refuse to turn on the RV oven. I threw this in a pan with butter. It’s not crispy roasted broccoli, but it worked with the beef.

Since I do not have debit cards and I’m low on cash until my new cards and checks arrive, I’m laying low and taking advantage of the downtime. This is the first full summer at home I’ve had in years. We are not travelling and I’m not packing a ton of clothes and camping gear. I’m trying to catch up on sleep since the last few weeks of school are brutal on consistent sleep patterns.

2017-06-05 06.33.50

For the house update, we have the fireplace box installed and part of the hearth foundation poured. The rest should be finished next week. It’s moving along quickly now. Electrical is almost done, drywall is next. I’m still wrestling with paint colors and maybe I’ll have the other rooms narrowed down soon.

2017-06-05 18.28.58

This is as close as I’m getting to Colorado this year. I saw this and took it as a sign from my favorite mountain in Colorado that its going to miss me terribly. Next year, I just may not come back.

2017-06-09 19.31.15

This guy has had enough of my interrupting his 18 hour naps. I can read his mind and its saying "I’m DONE with your BS" Frankie has a potty mind. I don’t know where he gets it..

While I was in school, he had the whole joint to himself. Now, my constant stomping around and Netflix binging is cramping his kitty style. We have these discussions daily. Frankie is the master of tough love. Tough being using me for a scratching post when he wants my attention.