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Dinner and a Movie

Since we did not travel this summer and with the heat already setting in, we have managed to break our 3-movies-a-year habit. We have already seen 3 movies this year and it’s only June. We both love to watch movies, but with my dependency on Closed Captioning at home and his restless watching mode, we save the big screens for major action movies. I don’t have to strain to catch every line for plot purposes and he can move around all he wants to in his seat. Tonight, we floated our ark to see Wonder Woman. Tropical Storm Cindy is still unleashing her liquid fury on Alabama.

Before we got too busy on house stuff, I quickly made breakfast. I’m on a bacon streak lately and I wanted my eggs fried instead of scrambled. Stephen noticed that he hasn’t had fried eggs since last year while camping out west. I need to make them more often for him. They are so easy and quick!

2017-06-24 12.49.59

Here is my latest secret weapon for eggs. I had a sample of this from 4 years ago when I first found Penzeys! I found it while moving and threw it out, but I made a note to buy it again and use it. It is perfect for eggs no matter how you’re cooking them. It’s that little bit of goodness that makes you wonder why the eggs are so good. Mural of Flavor.

mural of flavor

I’m back to eating very low carbs with keto+paleo, so I brought my own snacks, which I didn’t even need. Stephen bypassed the popcorn, too. I admit the smell of buttery popcorn is very hard to resist, but I am not breaking a 4 day no-sugar streak to indulge. Jerky and nuts are a great alternative and I absolutely would have broken these out if I was hungry. But the movie was THAT good and I never got around to digging out my food.

 2017-06-24 15.48.45

Here’s a pro tip for people with kids. These are fantastic teacher gifts. You can choose your amount and honestly, a 5$ gift card to see a movie is a luxury and your child’s teacher will be very grateful. Our Adopt-a-school partner gave us cards for Teacher Appreciation week and it was like finding gold or a ream of paper in our mailboxes.

2017-06-24 16.07.03

Smile for the very fuzzy selfie. Apparently, I can’t use my phone properly.

2017-06-24 19.35.21

Since we saved money on the movie, let’s splurge on a luxury dinner. Captain D’s was good, but AGAIN, we had issues getting my plate WITHOUT bread. This time, he clearly stated no bread, gluten free, Celiac disease, etc. The receipt did not clarify no bread and he knows from his year of starting up a Lenny’s, that things are hectic in the kitchen. Every detail needs to be on the POS order ticket. Sure enough, my plate came with bread on it. He talked to the manager and got a new plate and he watched them make it. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with this thing as much as I did a few years ago. Next time, I’m order all sides and no plate deal. This is lemon-pepper white fish, shrimp skewer, green beans, and broccoli. Ask for butter for your broccoli!


Date nights still happen after years of marriage. Smile Happy Saturday!