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Death by Poker

Last night after the workout for today was posted, I actually laughed. The only thing that kept going through my mind was…”a deck of cards is 52…a deck of cards is 52”. Then I got a little excited about it. This one is new to me and it sounded insane. I was looking forward to ATTEMPTING this. And for those who like to read the ending of  a story first…don’t deny it, you’ve read the end of the Hunger Games to see if it ended nice and neat…..I didn’t complete all rounds.

“Deck of Cards”   For Time:
Each suit of cards has been designated a movement:
1.Clubs – Kettlebell Goblet Squats (25#) Hold the bell up to chin, squat.
2. Spades – Kettlebell Swings (25#)
3. Hearts – Burpees
4. Diamonds – Sit ups
5. Aces – 400 meter run
The entire class will complete the movement assigned to that card, as many times as the face value of the card. For example: If you choose a 5 of diamonds, everyone does 5 sit ups. All face cards are 10 reps. The WOD is over when the class has made it through the entire deck.

The kicker was that small sentence “all face cards are 10 reps”. That means for each movement, we had to do it a grand total of 85 times plus 1 mile of running. EIGHTY-FIVE BURPEES!!! (well, I only did about 60 of them). Holy Moses this was tough. However, with all the lung congestion I had before class…it was mostly GONE by the end. I will spare the details of where I was and what I was doing during a few rounds. Expectorants have nothing on a badass CrossFit workout.

Last night, I got everything ready for today. I knew the workout was going to be tough, so I made sure I had plenty of protein, snacks, and recovery meals. Planning a day of 14+ hours of food takes a lot of space. I always wondered why Frankie and Stephen steer clear when I start dragging out appliances and food for lunch. The food processor had just finished making hummus. The little blender behind it stays out most of the time because it’s used very often.


After eating that salad at subway earlier, I wanted to take a salad made with whatever I had. Broccoli, carrots, celery, turkey and shredded cheese fit the bill.


Get my Laptop Lunchbox ready. Leftover pasta bean soup, veggies and hummus. Blueberries.


Get all the boxes, bowls, and bags ready.


Get the morning shake ready.


Store it all in the fridge. This morning, I bagged it all up while my eyelids tried to pry themselves open. The brief moment of ridiculous excitement the night before about the workout was long gone. All I wanted was a few more snoozes.

This is my new lunch bag from Thirty-One. This is the picnic thermal tote. It’s perfect. It fits in my fridge at school with less than an inch of space to spare between the shelf and bottom. It holds EVERYTHING I need for a full day plus room leftover. The best keeps stuff cold longer than anything else I’ve tried.

bag lunch7

Later tonight, I had to do some short intervals. I did 15 x 200m. I think I crawled to bed and may have been asleep before setting the alarm.

Back to the grind!
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