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DailyBurn Black Fire with Bob Harper

Lately, I’ve been getting back into some intense home workouts with Bob Harper’s Black Fire program with DailyBurn. And by intense, I mean sweat angels on my hardwood floors. I’ve been a big fan of Trainer Bob for years, especially the past 2-3 when he started incorporating more CrossFit-type workouts into his training on the Biggest Loser.


What is Black Fire?- Black Fire is a 60-day workout program through DailyBurn that includes strength movements with high-intensity conditioning exercises. These are metcon—metabolic conditioning-workouts designed to give maximum results. Basically, each workout uses your own bodyweight+dumbbells to quickly move through sets of powerful movements to improve mobility strength, balance, agility, and cardiovascular endurance.

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How does it work? Over the course of 60 days, Black Fire progresses through 4 phases, each one building on the previous phases. This is not a pick-your-favorite workout plan because phases 2 and 3 are built on phase 1 that has a lot of mobility and agility work. These phases add more intense sets of workouts assuming the user has completed the proper foundational workouts.

Is it hard?

That depends on your current level of fitness. I’m not going to lie. Black Fire workouts are intense. Every move can be scaled to any level of fitness, so beginners can absolutely benefit. I’ll be honest. They kicked my tail.

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What did I like?

  • I love the emphasis on QUALITY, not so much on speed. The last move, no matter how tired you are, should be just as proficient as the first move.
  • The warmups are not a waste of time. From the first few seconds, I felt the burn. The heart rate starts climbing early.
  • Focus on improvement is key. Keeping score for each workout and workout totals are the tools you use to check progress.
  • Bob Harper. He’s not kidding around. I found myself checking form often, digging deep when I wasn’t sure I could, and giving a lot more than if I was doing this on my own. He keeps it real and focused.

Who could benefit?

  • Experienced athletes who are looking for intensity at home. Since you are using your own body weight plus a couple of weights or medicine ball, the workout intensity is based on how fast (but proficient!) and how deep you make it.
  • Beginners who want to jump start a workout program. Even if you can’t do some of the moves or move a fast pace, you will gain a lot from the mobility, agility, balance, and coordination. And you’ll feel like a beast for getting through a workout. I still highly encourage you to keep score. The improvements will be huge for beginners or those recovering from an injury or those returning to working out after a hiatus (that would be me).
  • Anybody who travels a lot for work or vacation. I’m leaving soon for a few weeks. I’m taking Black Fire with me. I can use it on my phone, in my hotel room, hotel gym, etc.
  • Those who need home workouts in the place of a gym membership. At $12.00 a month, DailyBurn has a lot of workout programs in addition to Black Fire.

Overall, Black Fire is just seriously intense and I felt the results from just a few workouts. I can’t wait to see the results after the next few weeks as I continue through the program. In the words of Bob,

“I’ve seen all the workouts and I’ve done a ton of workout DVDs but this program is different,” says Harper. “Black Fire is gritty; it’s raw and refreshing. It’s something that’s not out there yet. It’s aggressive. And that’s why I wanted to be a part of it and why I believe in it.


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