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CrossFit and gadgets

Lately, I have been using my Under Armour performance monitor to assess my workout intensity. It uses my heart rate and workout duration to determine the intensity of my workout and it gives a Willpower score (scale 1-10) based on those parameters plus my age, weight, height. I have a detailed review of the Armour 39 a few weeks ago. At the time of that review, I had only been using it for running. I knew that running, especially on a treadmill, is a high intensity workout and I knew the Armour 39 would give a fair assessment.

However, I was very intrigued to see how it would perform during a CrossFit workout.

This workout was shorter and more lifting than HIIT movement. I didn’t expect a high score with this. I was pleasantly surprised that my heart rate was high enough for a good cardio boost in a short amount of time.

2014-01-22 10.55.09 2014-01-17 06.20.30-2

This one was a longer workout that included that ridiculous warmup and the long stretching cool down (I forgot to stop the app!). My heart rate was the same as the previous workout, but the longer duration at that heart rate gave me a much higher Willpower score.

 2014-01-23 21.20.36

What I can tell you is that I didn’t rest and meander as much as I might would have if I wasn’t wearing this contraption strapped to my chest. Does that mean my first instinct is lazy? No…it means that at 5:30 am, I’m not bright eyed and busy-tailed. If I have a chance to zone out and stare at dust, I just might do it. Especially with the craptastic sleep habits that I have (meaning..little sleep, bad sleep, nightmares, anxiety, WHATWASTHATOMGABURGLER!!!!! when Frankie sneezes, etc).

My father and I are in distinct agreement over our morning routine. We don’t talk much and wish to be left alone.

Funny Drinking Ecard: I like my morning to start with a cup of coffee with 2 spoons of shut the hell up and a dash of leave me alone.