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Crock pot Roast and potatoes-How to…

I’ve never noticed how I do some things the same way EVERY TIME. One of those is dicing potatoes. I’ve been cutting potatoes since I could hold a chef’s knife. And I probably cut them like this first time I ever did it. It seemed to work and that’s just how I do it! I’ve seen other people cut/dice a thousand different ways. When I get in the kitchen and get lost in what’s on my mind, I go on auto-pilot. So, for those who aren’t sure what “dicing potatoes” means, here is my way.

1. Cut potato in 1/2” slices.


2. Take half of the slices, stack them up. Make one slice lengthwise

pot2 pot3

3. Make 2 or 3 cuts across the stack.


4. Diced potatoes!



Place potatoes, carrots, onions in crock pot. Season with salt pepper and other seasonings of choice.

Sear roast (optional) in skillet with 2 T of oil. Place on top of vegetables.

veggies IMG_1965

Pour in enough beef stock or water to almost cover vegetables. The roast will give a lot of it’s own juices.

Cook on low 6-9 hours.


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