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Chicken with Mushroom Gravy


A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah Fragoso in Austin and I was immediately drawn to her energy and her passion for healthy food and looking to what we eat for clues to gaining control of our health. I just loved some of her simple rules for taking the guesswork out of what we eat. Grow your own or try to find a local market. Raise your own chickens try to know where your meat originates. Simple food, plenty of seasoning, get it on the table quickly because the time with your family is what is important. Got a long meal prep in mind? Get your kids and partners in on the action. Make it a family event. Meals should be savored when possible. Naturally, busy nights of spring ball, dance class, grad school, or church meetings make it impossible to sit down to a great meal EVERY night. But each night we pull out pans to cook, we owe it to ourselves to try to make our meals as healthy as possible without sacrificing flavor. Small steps lead to big change.

That all being said, I immediately ordered her first cookbook and I am on the list for pre-release of her latest book. I have made notes, turned down pages and even a few  bacon prints in the margins of her first book.

My first recipe from her book, Everyday Paleo, was big hit due to my favorite part. The cream gravy without grain flour. The secret-coconut milk! For more about this recipe, its in her book! I’ll have a full review up this week.

chicken mushrooms~