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Kitchen sink veggie soup

Things are returning to some semblance of normal. And so is my eating and running. It’s finally getting cold in Alabama and I wanted something hot. I found anything that might go into a pot and Viola!  Vegetable soup with beans, peas, squash, potatoes, the trinity, and some beef steak. The crackers are my stand-by—Kashi.

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A good ending

After that Friday morning, things accelerated quickly. The next morning, he was taken off the vent and had the food tube taken out. He was sitting up on his own talking to us. I had to go back to school but Mom kept me updated.  He had developed a few blood clots, one particular in …

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Wednesday Day 6-ICU

We had a visit from Cruella today. She waltzed in and told us that we should be aware that the back area was for families with little kids so they don’t bother the visitors in the main room and so they can watch THAT Tv (nevermind that there are 4 other huge TV’s in the …

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Tuesday Day 5-ICU

Tuesday dawned the same as Monday. I got up and couldn’t stand the closed in walls and bad dreams. I was wearing running tights anyway, so I threw on a shirt and went for a run. It was still dark out and I noticed a sidewalk all along N. State st. I took off that …

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Monday ICU-Day 4

I got on the road after going to school to leave out sub plans. I got to the hospital around 10 so I could go in for the 11:00 visit. He had been bathed and in a new gown. All the tubes and wires.. The news wasn’t good. He wasn’t making much improvement and that …

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Sunday ER- Day 3

Sunday dawned with me jumping out of bed in my skivvies because my grandfather woke me up with these words “Your mother needs you. He’s not responding and the dr. said for you to come back” Nobody should hear those words twice in 30 hours. I got there to see people around him, holding his …

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Friday Day 1-ER

We all got the call around 9pm. Come home, your daddy is sick with the flu and the doctor told me to call you in. I was in Birmingham taking pictures at a high school playoff game and Monica was on her way to Nashville for a teacher conference. I scratched back to Tuscaloosa and …

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Happy Boo Day!

The oatmeal experiment was interesting. Oatmeal, Kashi, and some blueberries made for a very tart but filling breakfast. I used too many blueberries but I certainly ate more than I usually get when it’s just blueberries. Those things are a superfood and I need more of them. Also this past week, I tried 2 new …

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Goal–sleep by 9:30

I think lack of sleep makes me ugly. I really do. Purple eyes, dehydrated skin, and butt ass tired. I didn’t get to bed until about 1. I had to get up around 6 but snoozed until 6:30. I didn’t have time to run, but I did manage a fabulous breakfast. However, the rest of …

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Speeding past Tuesday

It was a royal pain in the ass day so I’ll speed right by it. Breakfast-an apple at 4:30 Snack-omelette from the diner. eggwhites and mushrooms Lunch-chicken salad on whole wheat, water Snack- peanuts Dinner- Collards wilted on garlic and wine with added smoked ham and white beans.

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Lazy Sunday with a headache that is about to leave me begging for a short death

This is going to be short for now. fast B.S 108—that’s more like it. breakfast-2 egg+1 white fritatta with bella mushrooms, green onions, Parmesan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 hour nap and 2 excedrin migraine later… I began drinking the first metric ton of water and started on some oatmeal to save for a couple of mornings and …

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well, here we go again

Long story short. Got released from therapy. IT band still sucks. Trained all summer for the 10K and I kicked ass. IT/hip not happy after. Stomach ulcer ruptured during a 10mile trail race. That’s all fine now and I’m literally starting over with the Couch 2 5K plan. Going from long runs of 14 miles …

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