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Cape San Blas 2019

We made it back to the Cape!

We try to get to the Forgotten Coast of Florida every other year. We love the Cape with its seclusion, pristine white sand, and dolphins! However, last year we had to cancel our trip due to Hurricane Michael.

Michael devastated the panhandle of Florida. Mexico Beach is still recovering. We stayed in the El Governor a few years ago. It was gutted last fall, but it was one of the few buildings still standing.

We kept our condo payment at Cape San Blas on raincheck for this year and we arrived today.

Just in time for Tropical Depression Nestor.

We can’t make this up. 3 days ago, the Gulf was clear of any storms.

2 days ago, James Spann mentioned this storm off the coast of Mexico that had a preliminary track to the panhandle of Florida. Right where the Cape is located and the same location as Michael last year.

So, here we are. And even with the threat of storms and surge, we are excited.

Especially Atlas.