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Beat Your Best with Jabra

This post sponsored by Jabra

Lately, I have been very honest with my break with running and my slow return to running. It was only a few short weeks, but I have never NOT been running and maybe this was a break I needed. However, I have never been more excited about rejoining the running community. I’m ready to Beat My Best.

Jabra Official Launch Post

Jabra is a sports company focused on the Beat Your Best campaign. This is perfect timing for me. Beating your Best might be knocking out a huge race PR. It might be taking those first few steps that lead to that first mile. It could be sticking to a new way of eating for 1 week and letting go (finally!) of those sugar cravings. Beat Your Best is about setting goals and being relentless in our pursuit of them. Whether they are small goals or those that might seem impossible, like crossing the marathon finish line. Jabra is on a mission to get us to Beat Your Best. For me, my big goal is a full return to running.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my new running goals and what it will take to meet them. Hard work, being focused, being INTENTIONAL in my training, and documenting progress are on my mind these days. Because I love tech gadgets and I am so intrigued by how they work, I have my eye on these Jabra Sports PULSE wireless ear buds. These take heart-rate training to a whole new level. I am literally starting all over again with running. I use heart-rate training to build endurance with efficiency.  I know from experience that forcing myself to work within an effective heart rate zone is the key to meeting these new goals I have.

WHY TRAIN WITH A HEART RATE MONITOR? Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate means to understanding how your body is responding to exercise and activities of daily life. Heart rate training provides a real-time, continuous, dynamic assessment of your conditioning that can be utilized to maximize your training outcome goals.


Jabra is setting out to do new things with less restrictions like wires and straps. With the Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless, there are not straps or wires. NONE. The Jabra Sports Pulse detects your heart rate with the ear buds. Jabra uses IN-ear heart rate detection and this is a first of its kind.

So what is Sport Pulse? In the old days you would need a Heart Rate chest strap, a pair of headphones, your phone, GPS watch. No more. Jabra Sport Pulse is an all-in-one training solution. Listen to music, send Heart Rate Data to the Jabra Sport Life app, get workout readouts. Turn on your headset, put your phone into your pocket, and you are ready to go.

Jabra Sport_Pulse 

Here are some additional details:

  • Jabra Sports Life is the app that comes with the Sports PULSE so you can track your progress, set up your HR zones, use your own music, etc. It works with iOS and Android platforms.
  • Included are 4 earwings and 4 sets of ear gels. Fit is important and both of these ensure proper fit and function of the HR technology.
  • Retail price is $199.

For more information, check out Jabra and don’t forget to use #BeatYourBest!

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What goals are you working on right now? Any big goals coming up next year?

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