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Back to School 2017


Even though we didn’t travel this year, with the house construction in full swing, I did take a few weeks off my blogging schedule. Summer living inside an RV is just not conducive to great cooking. It’s too hot to use the stove and the oven is WAY too hot. I spent most of my July working in my classroom to complete some long overdue projects and both of us are eating small meals here and there. My creative mode is finally kicking back in now that we are SO CLOSE to moving in the house and I have 2 ovens and a large kitchen waiting for me.

But the big news this week….

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We started back a couple of weeks ago and it is going to be a FANTASTIC year!

Stay tuned for some back-to-routine meals and actual meal prep sessions. All paleo or keto based and all super easy with the slow cooker or Instant Pot.

Happy Thursday!