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Aspen Glen Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park

Our campsite is fantastic! We are staying in the Aspen Glen Campground, right inside the national park on the Estes Park side (Hwy 34). We have plenty of room between campsites, BEAR LOCKERS, access to water/flushable toilets (a huge bonus in elevation), plenty of shade, and designated fire rings.

As you can see, we tent camp. It’s a little Taj Mahol tent camping. We have an 8-person tent so we can have plenty of room for our double air mattress, double bag, folding table, suitcases, seating chair, and…heater. Yes, we have a heater in our tent. After last year’s chaotic mess of snow camping, Stephen bought a catalytic heater. It uses propane and does NOT put out carbon monoxide (we had 2 monitors, just to prove it). This is almost glam-camping.


Canopy for cooking. A lot of our stuff like wet cooler, dry cooler, paper goods bag, cooking basket, etc are in the giant bear locker. Bears are coming out of hibernation later than usual. They’ve been spotted all over the valley floor.

Breakfast for kings. Bacon. Eggs joined soon after.


This morning, these elk were in our campground. Happy as you please, sunning in the afternoon.

elk rmnp3

We took a drive over to Sprague Lake.

sprague lake

sprague lake stream

Another favorite part of camping: s’mores. There are a few things that I enjoy once a year on vacation. S’mores while camping is one of them. The gluten-free grahams are hard to find, but I started looking for them early this year Smile 


Weather is looking rough for tonight…the downsides of tent camping.

Estes Park
The joys of camping…in the rain: Colorado