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Asparagus among us

The night before a long run, I do the traditional carbo-load. For me, that means I eat a few more servings of carbohydrates than usual in the form of pasta or white potatoes. This loads up my system with energy to be used in long distance events like the Distance for Disaster run tomorrow. Some people swear by carbo loading and even have it down to a science with grams and timing and other stuff I’m too lazy to investigate. I’m what you might call a free-spirited carbo loader. If I have some pasta lying around, I’ll do something with it. If I don’t, I can always find a good bag of potato chips. Either way, it seems to work.

Tonight, it worked beautifully!




1. saute fresh green beans and asparagus in butter.

2. Boil pasta

3. Toast almonds

4. Add protein of choice. I used roasted chicken.

5. Add milk and laughing cow garlic herb wedge to make a creamy sauce.


I’m ready for tomorrow. The weather is going to be beautiful and I’m looking forward to meeting up with familiar faces from the track club and crossfit. It should be a great morning. 🙂