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Alabama v. Virginia Tech


Well, we won the game.

But it was not pretty. The O line looked shaky. I saw way too many rushed passes by A.J because his pocket was a big mess. I’m trying to keep in mind that it’s just like a school year. How the team looked in January is far different from how they started out last September. Maybe they just need to work out more kinks. Maybe Saban is holding some plays close to the vest since Texas A&M is in 2 weeks and already being touted “the game of the year”. Who knows what is going on but I do know that I’m not real thrilled right now. Yes, we are spoiled rotten due to 4 years of fantastic seasons. It’s a win, but I’m a little disenchanted today.

Two weeks until the big game that might determine who is on the fast track to BCS. I’m already nervous.

Roll Tide, y’all. Roll Tide.