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A day’s difference


Any day that starts with this bowl of oatmeal goodness is going to be a good day. Top that oatmeal with flax, almond butter, and granola, and well, I could bring about world peace with a snap of my fingers. Quaker should put THAT on their box.

Of course, If I’m eating this, I’m not at crossfit at 5:30 am. I woke up with my lower back in knots and could barely move my legs. So, I skipped out again and tried a long yoga session and foam roller wrestling. That helped tremendously and after my oatmeal and coffee, I felt like a new person.

Since I had some after school meetings, I wasn’t sure if I would get home in time to fix dinner before Stephen left for work. He has rotating shifts and was back on night shift. This is where my crock pot is like magic gold. I’m trying to get out of the roast and chicken rut and I think I accomplished that with Beef Cabernet. It’s supposed to be Beef Burgundy, but since I didn’t have burgundy, I can’t exactly call it Beef burgundy. Well, I could, but why rock the boat?

I have to be honest about the inspiration for this. I was blown away by a jar spaghetti sauce. Bertolli Vineyard fire roasted tomato with Cabernet is AMAZING! You could taste a layer of cabernet and combined with the tomatoes, it was so good. I decided to try that with London Broil.

morning3 morning4

Carrots, mushrooms, onions, bacon. Good sear on the meat.

Top with Cabernet and tomatoes. Cook all day. Whip up some potatoes.

Then be amazed and what the lowly crock pot creates.


Schedules obliterated
Tomato, Tomahto

Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down)

Saturday 26th of March 2011

That sounds fabulous! Especially on top of the mashed potatoes. I absolutely love the flavor that chopped carrots and onions offer, after spending some leisure time with a hunk of meat. Mmm...delicious. :D