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3 Things Thursday

what i'm reading

1. Everyday Paleo

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The blog AND the first book, Everyday Paleo. I knew of Sarah Fragoso, but I didn’t become enthralled with her until I met her in Austin. Her 20 minutes on the stage were packed with essential information that resonated with me and I have not stopped reading. At the core of her message is “do what makes you HEALTHY and makes you feel good” as in, what makes your body function like a well-oiled machine, not the dopamine high from hot fudge. I could sit at her feet all day in awe.

2. The Paleo Coach (pictured above)

This is only in the second listing because I had to number these. Jason Seib partners with Sarah on the Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness podcast, which has replaced my radio station as my afternoon commute reward for making it through a kindergarten day without a crisis. All kidding aside, I wish I had The Paleo Coach 3 years ago as I wandered aimlessly from the doctors’ office with a banana and a Celiac disease diagnosis. His underlying message is similar to Sarah Fragoso. Health goals. Not vanity or aesthetic goals, but make goals for your health first. The aesthetic will happen.

3. Beyond Bacon

There is more to a pig than bacon. I know, shocking, right? But what really got my attention was all the information about pastured pigs. I have really cut back on pork the past couple of years after reading about Smithfield, the source for a LARGE majority of supermarket pork. The information is frightening and let’s be honest…sickening.  Beyond Bacon introduces the reader to the importance of pastured pork, and the savings of finding a happy pig locally. I could go on more about it, but I’m just getting to the good stuff. This book is written by the Paleo Parents, Stacy and Matthew.

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