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3 Thing Thursday

3 thing thursday2

1. I have an obsession with Christmas coffee cups. I’m not sure when it began, but it has grown into a yearly search for the coolest mug of the season. It takes a little while to unpack all these and remember when I got them. That’s half the fun of holiday decorating.



2. Let’s talk Cover Men. My favorite football player graced the cover of Sports’ Illustrated. I had my eye on him is sophomore year when he became starting quarterback. He’s good. REALLY good. The kid has 3 BCS national championship rings. And he has only lost 2 games as starting quarterback.

And, well, his girlfriend is seriously hot. Katherine Webb. I caught some shots of her at the LSU game.


3. I’m going to have to re-think a winter marathon. I thought I had kicked this last sinus infection, but it has taken over into bronchitis. I couldn’t run a mile right now if I tried. Or was being chased by people wearing gluten-coated mittens.